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Westminster 2012!

Watching Westminster is just something we DO in our house.  Something about seeing all the neat, cute, gorgeous dog breeds and hearing about their origins and quirks is always totally entertaining.  Even our DOG is riveted!

Toy Manchester Terriers never seem to do incredibly well in these competitions, and has only ever one one Toy Group (let alone Best in Show!) and that was in 1969!  Discrimination, I say!   Best in Show 2012 was set to be quite stiff competition.   Wire Haired Dachshund, Pekingese, Dalmation, German Shepherd, Irish Setter, Doberman Pinscher and the Kerry Blue.  Of course, I was rooting for the Doberman.

Ugh. The Pekingese.  115 Best in Shows awards to that breed.  And sooooo lame!  Seems like an easy choice for the judges.  Won’t rock the boat.  LAME!  Am I wrong?!  Are they not the most useless dogs out there?  Maybe I’m wrong – I’d love to hear from a Peek owner who can tell me otherwise.  But why do all the over-groomed dogs win!  Why?!  WHY!?!?!


Westminster 2011!

The 2011 Westminster Kennell Club Dog Show wrapped up this week, and Best in Show was the Scottish Deerhound, Hickory.

I love the size and scruffy look of this guy – might have to add the Scottish Deerhound to the shortlist for our next dog!   Just look at this face:

The New York Times has published a great slideshow of all the Best in Breed winners,  as photographed by Fred Conrad.  I love looking at all the strange and wonderful variation in the world of dogs!  You can see all the winners here, including the Toy Manchester Terrier winner, Rocky.  Perhaps I’m biased (well, of course I am!), but I think Timmy is much cuter than dear Rocky!