Bringing Home Puppy

Off to the Cottage!
August 12, 2009, 4:29 pm
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We will be experiencing another “first” this weekend as a family.  The O’Hurren’s are going to the cottage!  I am careful not to use the term “cottaging” anymore, because apparently it is a term that actually refers to gay sex in a public bathroom.  We are most definitely NOT doing that this weekend.  Rather, we are driving up to our family place outside Kingston to get a little R&R, post wedding. 

I am going to get Timmy a lifejacket.  While most people think this is nuts because dogs are pretty good swimmers, I think its cute!  Besides, he is so small and black, that if he were to fall in, you would never see him without a little neon flotation device! I have my fingers crossed that he likes the water!  I have my dad rigging up a bit line too so he can wander freely without going too far and getting lost.  Its all going to be quite exciting!  Just imagine all the various poops to smell?!


Our First Weekend Away
August 10, 2009, 6:09 pm
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Well, for the first time since Timmy joined our family, we had to spend a weekend apart.  Mikey and I were needed in Windsor to stand up in my brother’s wedding.  As this was going to be a demanding role, we didn’t think it would be fair to Tim to drag him along and leave him for hours on end alone in the hotel.  The better alternative: Taking him to Uncle Grumpy and Auntie Becky’s house!!!

How much more super fun could a little doggie have?!?!  By all accounts he played and played and played.  Here are some pics!

Timmy and the Chipmunk

Sousa kicks Timmy

Sousa kicks Timmy

Gorgeous Pup!

Big thanks to Auntie and Uncle for looking after Timmy for us.  I was not worried one bit!   Bry told me this weekend reminded both of them how tough having a puppy can be….ahhh, how soon we forget!  Hopefully now that Tim is gone you guys are getting a bit more sleep!  Haha.