Bringing Home Puppy

Meeting A New Dog Etiquette
December 11, 2010, 12:27 am
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This poster is an excellent example of the right and wrong way to greet a dog for the first time.  I know this would be effective for little Timmy!

Thanks to for the illustration!


Jr. Kinderpuppy and the Smartest Dog in the World

Tonight was our first training class.  Surprisingly, Timmy was NOT the smallest guy in the room.  We were with a Yorkie mix, a Husky, a Border Collie, and a Russian Black Terrier.  Part of the puppy training was to learn socialization and play with other dogs.  We thought Tim would be excited about this, as on our walks he seems very eager to play.  As it turns out, the larger dogs absolutely terrified him.  Lots of tail tucking, lots of teeth, and lots of hiding behind mom and dad.

A Terrifying Encounter As it turns out, in terms of training, Timmy is ahead of the game!  The trainer, Julie, was impressed with his attentiveness, and great personality.  We were also one of the only people to be crate-training…and providing enough exercise.  Overall, we seem to be right on track!

Tim and Lilly

Updates from the Trenches
June 9, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Apologies for the lack of recent content. Mikey had to write the CFA on Saturday, and so it was up to me to be a full time, single parent for the last week or so. It was tough! Who has time to blog when they’re constantly being attacked by a nipping little ninnymuggins!?
At any rate, things are going well. I am amazed everyday at the progress we’re making. Walks are actual walks, and not just us dragging the dog around. Poops are outside. He has even asked to be let outside to do his work. Its great! I’ve also taught him “sit”, “down”, and “bed”.
Tomorrow we start Jr. Kinderpuppy. (Groans from the audience…yes, I know its SO Toronto). But I really think it will be great to let him socialize with other puppies in a safe place, as well as help us all learn how to work with each other.
His reward for the night…cut up hotdogs! Yum yum! I tried them out on him tonight and it was a smashing success! I think this is going to be fun!
Updates to come…

Turning a Corner?
April 30, 2009, 7:31 pm
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You’ll all be relieved to know that last night with Tim Tam was wonderful!  Mike tired him out and did not let him sleep from 6 pm onward.  He was so tired he was literally falling asleep standing up.  Finally, he crawled into his crate and fell into a deep sleep.  Although it was only 10:15, we took the opportunity and went to bed immediately.  He didn’t even wake up when we moved the crate from downstairs to our bedroom!

He began whining around 12, but immediately calmed down and went to sleep.  Mikey took him out for a quick pee at 3, and immediately back to bed.

I had to wake HIM up at 6:45!  It was great! I’m trying not to get my hopes up for tonight, but its quite exciting!

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Pup

Only 2 More Sleeps!
April 25, 2009, 5:52 pm
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So the flight confirmation is in…Tim Tam arrives on Air Canada Monday at 1:30!

It just can’t get here quick enough!  I bought food and training treats today, so we’re all set!  My amazing friend Robin found some super cool dog stuff at the good ol’ dollarstore, so now we have a paw-patterened blanket, pee pads, dish, and poop-bag dispenser!   My friend Katie supplied a collar (for post-neutering recovery), as well as treats and some bitter apple spray to help prevent chewing isseus.
Despite all that…I just don’t really feel ready!  I guess that’s the thing though…you never feel ready.  And you kinda work it out as  you go along.  I just don’t want to end up on the Dog Whisperer with a yappy, crappy dog that all the neighbours and passers-by hate!  That won’t happen!  I refuse!  Hopefully he can spend lots of time with his cousin, Sousa, who is a great role model!

"Make good choices!"

"The positive role model in action"