Bringing Home Puppy

March 3, 2012, 2:56 pm
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I was recently asked to try out this super cool new dog product, the QR code dog tag by SOS Pets.  The company is huge in Sweden, but they are hoping to bring it to Canada.  Tim is one of the first dogs to try it!  The tag can be scanned by any code reader, and will immediately display the owner’s contact information.  It’s an interesting service, and the website is also a great community for dog owners to chat and share photos.  Kind of like Dogster.

Doesn’t he just look SO handsome!?


One of These Things is Not Like the Others…
December 23, 2010, 11:30 pm
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Can you spot the object that doesn’t belong??

Pups and Protest

This weekend we attended a rally to support our local dog park at South Stanley.  The city is beginning a much needed renovation to the park, which will include a fully enclosed off leash dog area – no doubt a wonderful addition to the park.  There is a bit of debate taking place, however.  There are two factions that represent the park who want different things.  One is to keep a single, unified dog area.  The other proposes a separate enclosed area for smaller dogs.  Personally, I am in favour of a unified space.  As the proposed off leash area will already be much smaller than the current space, I think its important to keep the off leash area as large as possible.  Also – Tim is basically a huge dog trapped in a small dog body.  How could we possibly choose which space to put him in?!

The rally had an excellent turn out – and even included a couple of visits by city council candidates for Trinity-Spadina.  Second Cup supplied hot coffee, and photographers were on hand to document the day, including this cute pic of Tim in an epic battle with Bailey.


There is currently a petition going around to keep a single, unified off leash area at the park.  This petition will be presented to City Hall November 1st.  If you use the park and would like to sign the petition, please contact me through this site, or by registering on South Stanley Dog Park Site and contacting its administrator.

Party Time Sleepover Time!
October 18, 2010, 11:36 am
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This weekend we had a houseguest.  Timmy’s best bud Cymbal came to stay the night with us for the very first time.  Boy, was that ever exciting!

I anticipated some insanity, and I was not disappointed.  These dogs ran a giant loop through my apartment for hours.  And when they weren’t doing that, they were wrestling.  And when they weren’t doing that, they were on epic walks on Queen West, and when they weren’t doing that, they ran in the park.  All in all, it was completely nuts.  I think we were all grateful when it was finally time for bed.  They were up by 9:30 am, and did it all again the next day!

Since they were playing too much for me to get a pic of them in action, I was only able to get a few pics of them passed out in exhaustion:

Mono Cliffs Adventures!

This past weekend we had the unusual advantage of having a car, and our first thought was: let’s get out of the city!
We trolled the internet to find a provincial park nearby and stumbled upon Mono Cliffs, only a short drive from Barrie!  (Of course, in Toronto, “short drive” is a relative term…the Gardiner was closed this weekend, so it was more of a 2 hour drive!)  We had a great time hiking the trails and enjoying the balmy early fall weather.  Timmy loves the outdoors, and we cheated a bit by letting him off-leash periodically.

Mono Cliffs is great.  Situated on the escarpment, they have lots to offer in terms of terrain.   Escarpment rocks, narrow trails, small ponds, wetlands, observatories, open fields, rare ferns and trees- whew!  A feast for our nature-starved senses!  And check out how cool this this crevice cave is:

Fall is pretty much my favourite season, and as glorious as this pic is…it will no doubt be even more spectacular in a week or two once the trees really start changing.  Mike has also decided this pic will be Timmy’s obituary photo.  How morbid!

Shortly after this photo was taken, we stumbled upon a pair of dogs that were apparently unattended.  One of them, a golden retriever, had clearly come face to face with a porcupine and lost- badly.  The poor guy was limping around with a face and chest full of quills.  His buddy, a black poodle mix, fared much better and seemed to be having a great time and enjoying his freedom!  Luckily, both dogs had tags and we were able to contact the owner.  Apparently they had escaped from a nearby house in Orangeville, and the owners were able to meet us at the park entrance.  It was a happy ending to a lovely day at one of Ontario’s fantastic nature parks!

Weiner Take All!
August 30, 2010, 4:07 pm
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This past weekend saw the arrival of the Stanley Park Community Picnic, this year benefiting Eva’s Initiatives.  The event was loaded with local politicians such as Olivia Chow (I took a couple of pics for her!), Mike Layton, and Joe Pantalone.  Also on hand were some four-hoofed reps from the Toronto Mounted Police unit, posing for pics and checking out the activity.   The Foggy Dew sponsored free hotdogs and pop on hand for anyone walking by, and you could also listen to a live performance by Rachel Persaud.   The North Side of the park featured facepainting, a yard sale, and various games for the kiddies.  The South side had some dog aglity equipment sponsored by Pawsway.  We did get to try out a few runs, but with this heat, I was not too motivated!  My favourite part of the whole day however, was the amazing The Weiner Races!

Thats right people, weiner dogs of all kinds, racing.  What’s not to love?  I’ve told you before about Tim’s bud Cymbal.  This is one Dachshund that is tip top condition, and I just knew it my gut, this was going to be his year to take the title:  Wiener Take All.

You need to humans per dog when racing, one to hold ’em back, and one to get ’em running.

I was lucky enough to lend a hand at the starting line, while his mom tempted him to run quickly by

wrinkling a bag of chips.

Genius!  Here is an example from another heat (yes, there were MULTIPLE heats!)

The action got pretty intense, but the judges determined Cymbal won his heat in a close finish.

Onto the final, where Cymbal raced against his arch rival, the obscenely large Dachshund, Zorro.  When racing a guy named Zorro, you better have some serious game.  Cymbal was ready and fired up, fueled by the cheapest hotdogs a grocery store can sell.  He. Was. Ready.

Aaaaaand he lost.  But it was close!  Oh so close!!!!!

Here is a great video of the day – if you look closely you’ll see Cymbal, his mom, Mike, and Me!

And finally: an adorable pic of the victor with some of his spoils.

Tough Day at the Office
June 29, 2010, 9:48 am
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“Okay people, lets talk about the numbers for this quarter”

“Dammit people!  We’ve gotta turn these numbers around!”