Bringing Home Puppy

Home Park
May 31, 2011, 7:38 pm
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It will come as no surprise that for every urban dog, there is a “home park”. A home park is the place you take your pooch on a daily basis to do their business and socialize.  When we first got Tim our home park was Stanley Park.  It was, and still is, my favourite. We have so many friends there, and still meet them for drinks occasionally.  They also have a wicked Christmas party.  Our second home park was Victoria Memorial Park, a great park, but full of drama thanks to the heritage status of the park and some overly zealous neighbours. While we still head to these parks on weekends and when the weather is good, our new home park is now Metro Hall, in Toronto.

While you wouldn’t expect many dogs at Metro Hall, but with the new Ritz Carlton residences and Bell Lightbox, there are actually quite a number of little dogs running around.

Still doesn’t feel like “home” yet, but I think it’ll be a nice place to visit.


Pups and Protest

This weekend we attended a rally to support our local dog park at South Stanley.  The city is beginning a much needed renovation to the park, which will include a fully enclosed off leash dog area – no doubt a wonderful addition to the park.  There is a bit of debate taking place, however.  There are two factions that represent the park who want different things.  One is to keep a single, unified dog area.  The other proposes a separate enclosed area for smaller dogs.  Personally, I am in favour of a unified space.  As the proposed off leash area will already be much smaller than the current space, I think its important to keep the off leash area as large as possible.  Also – Tim is basically a huge dog trapped in a small dog body.  How could we possibly choose which space to put him in?!

The rally had an excellent turn out – and even included a couple of visits by city council candidates for Trinity-Spadina.  Second Cup supplied hot coffee, and photographers were on hand to document the day, including this cute pic of Tim in an epic battle with Bailey.


There is currently a petition going around to keep a single, unified off leash area at the park.  This petition will be presented to City Hall November 1st.  If you use the park and would like to sign the petition, please contact me through this site, or by registering on South Stanley Dog Park Site and contacting its administrator.

Otis – The Badass Schnauzer!
May 11, 2010, 11:08 am
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So here is a great pic of my fellow Stanley Park buddy, Otis.  Otis the Schnauzer had just gotten the most amazing haircut from the groomers at Spaw…a mohawk!  It went perfectly with his jewelled black leather collar.  Tres chic Otis!

What’s in a Name?
November 24, 2009, 11:26 pm
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Would a pup by any other name be as naughty?!   I have been a regular attendee of the dog park for about 6 months now.  In that time I have come across many dogs, with incredibly varied names.  I’m sure we all have our preferences, but I really enjoy dogs that have human names, like Dave, Tyler and Norman.  I also love food related names, (obviously)!  Like Tim Tam, Tuna, Chili, and Poutine.  Yep!  Those are all real dog names from my local park!

I find many names to be completely annoying however (and god help me if I offend any of my dog-loving friends here)

First and foremost: MARLEY.    I am sorry, but if you have named your dog Marley post 2008 when the Jennifer Aniston movie came out, I really have no respect for you.  I can excuse the name choice after the 2005 book -maybe- but after a blockbuster film, it’s just crazy.  It’s quite possibly the most unoriginal name ever.  I know people love their dogs, and it was a lovely book and movie, but it never fails that anytime you’re at a dog park there is at LEAST 1 dog there with this name, and I have even been at the park when there were 3 Marleys at once.

Oliver: I actually love the name Oliver, and if my dear readers recall, it was my name of choice for little Timmy!  I even had a poll!  But am I ever glad I changed it.  We have at least 3 Olivers at my local park.  That just gets difficult for practical reasons!

Maggie:  Its a good dog name really, its just way, way too common.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, here are the top 10 dog names (male and female) for last year:











11 DUKE      LOLA










I don’t know about you, but in my experience, this list is quite accurate!  In any case, while Tim Tam may be an unconventional name that no one seems to hear or pronounce clearly,  I am still happy with our name choice, and little Timmy seems to enjoy it as well!

Roxy and Timmy
October 14, 2009, 10:34 pm
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I met a great couple in the park a couple weeks ago, and they were kind enough to send me a few snaps they took of Tim playing with their Doberman, Roxy.  In these pictures you can really see the size difference between the Doberman Pincher and a Toy Manchester.

Thanks so much Mike and Valerie!

Timmy and Roxy

Run Run!

Manchester Friends!
September 5, 2009, 7:09 pm
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Today we had the good fortune to run into some fellow Manchesters!  We were at Stanley Park between King St and Wellington, when we ran into Ola, who is a training instructor at Mother Knows Best, with her friend, and her dogs, Dumo and Penny.  They are Standard Manchesters, and as you can see, they very in size. What a treat to run into such friends!

Of course I had to snap a picture…Timmy is on the right side (the one itching to get away and play)

New FriendsAren’t they just the sweetest things?  I was surprised at the size of Dumo compared to Timmy…he was so regal and sweet!  I also stepped on dog poop, which got on my bare foot.  I would like to believe that a little doggie snuck away and did this without their owners’ knowledge…I refuse to believe someone failed to stoop and scoop!  That would be just too rude!