Bringing Home Puppy

March 3, 2012, 2:56 pm
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I was recently asked to try out this super cool new dog product, the QR code dog tag by SOS Pets.  The company is huge in Sweden, but they are hoping to bring it to Canada.  Tim is one of the first dogs to try it!  The tag can be scanned by any code reader, and will immediately display the owner’s contact information.  It’s an interesting service, and the website is also a great community for dog owners to chat and share photos.  Kind of like Dogster.

Doesn’t he just look SO handsome!?


Safety First!
April 13, 2009, 7:16 pm
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We are now in the process of “puppy proofing” the house.  We have a set of stairs in the house that could prove dangerous to our 2 lb friend, and in the interest of safety, we decided to look for a baby gate.  As someone that has never HAD a baby, I really had no idea where to look.  Are there baby stores in Toronto that sell these kind of things?  I – of course- turn to my dear friend, Canadian Tire.  As it turns out, the Dundas St. location does carry the gates.  And by gates I mean gate.  Singular.   The only variety they had are those wooden accordion types that you have to screw into a doorframe (and could guillotine a baby’s head off, I’m quite sure).  Which is not at ALL what Im looking for!  Jeez!

So I figured the next best thing would be one of those folding metal square things like a pen.  And they don’t have those either.

And I hate WallMart.  I haven’t shopped there since the 2005 after watching “WalMart – The High Cost of Low Prices”.  So I can’t go there.  And I have no car, so I’m limited to the city centre.  

So, I’m now turning to my other best friend, Craigslist.  Hopefully we’ll have some luck.

But as Mike says, “Why don’t you spend the money when we actually HAVE a dog.”  And I respond, “But these are all things we’ll need for when he gets here…for safety!”  Jeez!

Another element of puppy proofing is to remove things from the floor that you don’t want destroyed.  Which includes shoes.  Which is going to be tough for us (ahem…Mike!). 

Also, we still need to get food bowls, food, treats, a harness, and a dogsitter.  And registration, and eventual castration!  

This is getting expensive!

(yes, yes, we knew there were costs involved in getting a dog, andto me, that’s just all part of the fun!)