Bringing Home Puppy

He’s Baaaack!
January 17, 2011, 4:42 pm
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Who did I just catch peering across the balcony divide?  Little Bentley – our neighbour and Timmy’s playmate.  Luckily I had a planter blocking the way…it has happened more than once that he has gotten trapped on our balcony and security has had to come to the rescue.   In any case, he is completely adorable!


An Intruder!
October 9, 2010, 12:23 pm
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Last weekend we had our family over for a visit, including my darling Boston Terrier niece, Sousa.  Tim and Sousa always have a great time together, and last weekend was no exception.  I think we were all surprised, however, to turn around and find a third dog in our living room!  Living on the 11th floor of our condo building made this sudden  appearance even a little more mysterious…

Who could this be?  And where did he come from?  Turns out, this teeny little Pomeranian was able to squeeze under the barrier between our balcony and the balcony next door!  Tim and Sousa were delighted, because this new addition could only mean 1 thing:  TAG TEAM!

Despite our best efforts (neighbours included), little Bentley is quite the Houdini, and manages to come over to play at least once a week.  He recently got a mohawk.  Cute!