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Weiner Take All!
August 30, 2010, 4:07 pm
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This past weekend saw the arrival of the Stanley Park Community Picnic, this year¬†benefiting¬†Eva’s Initiatives. ¬†The event was loaded with local politicians such as Olivia Chow (I took a couple of pics for her!), Mike Layton, and Joe Pantalone. ¬†Also on hand were some four-hoofed reps from the Toronto Mounted Police unit, posing for pics and checking out the activity. ¬†¬†The Foggy Dew sponsored free hotdogs and pop on hand for anyone walking by, and you could also listen to a live performance by Rachel Persaud. ¬† The North Side of the park featured facepainting, a yard sale, and various games for the kiddies. ¬†The South side had some dog aglity equipment sponsored by Pawsway. ¬†We did get to try out a few runs, but with this heat, I was not too motivated! ¬†My favourite part of the whole day however, was the amazing The Weiner Races!

Thats right people, weiner dogs of all kinds, racing. ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†I’ve told you before about Tim’s bud Cymbal. ¬†This is one¬†Dachshund¬†that is tip top condition, and I just knew it my gut, this was going to be his year to take the title: ¬†Wiener Take All.

You need to humans per dog when racing, one to hold ’em back, and one to get ’em running.

I was lucky enough to lend a hand at the starting line, while his mom tempted him to run quickly by

wrinkling a bag of chips.

Genius!  Here is an example from another heat (yes, there were MULTIPLE heats!)

The action got pretty intense, but the judges determined Cymbal won his heat in a close finish.

Onto the final, where Cymbal raced against his arch rival, the obscenely large Dachshund, Zorro.  When racing a guy named Zorro, you better have some serious game.  Cymbal was ready and fired up, fueled by the cheapest hotdogs a grocery store can sell.  He. Was. Ready.

Aaaaaand he lost.  But it was close!  Oh so close!!!!!

Here is a great video of the day – if you look closely you’ll see Cymbal, his mom, Mike, and Me!

And finally: an adorable pic of the victor with some of his spoils.


Puppy Play Day!
March 14, 2010, 6:44 pm
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Today we took our first family outing to Pawsway, an indoor dog park in downtown TO.¬† It has been raining for days, and we thought little Tim should get some exercise that wouldn’t end up causing a muddy bathtime.¬† I had heard about Pawsway before, but we could never bother to make the way down to the Harbourfront.

Off leash small breed playtime was from 4-6 on Sunday afternoon…limited to 60 dogs.¬† 60!!!¬† The cost is 4 bucks, or 14 for 5 visits.¬† There are lots of “potty” stations, cleanup stations, waterbowls, and human washrooms.¬† They played fun music while all the pups ran around and enjoyed themselves.¬† It was a great time and Timmy had so much fun!¬† And the best news is that he was quite well behaved!

…not a great picture, but here you can see the 2 levels of playroom, and the bright airy space…Timmy is not in this one as he was too busy running around to pose!!!