Bringing Home Puppy

Fort Erie Gets a Dog Park!

I think its really great when I see cities and towns developing dog parks.  It not only encourages people to take their dogs outside for some fun, its also great exercise for the whole family, helps people get t0 know their neighbours and get involved in their communities.  Kudos to the Fort Erie town council for this great development!  The Sugarbowl Off Leash Park is a good size (about 1 acre) with varied terrain.  Not much in the way of trees or benches thus far, but I think this will change come spring.  There is a double-gated entrance with bags available for picking up.

Here are some pictures from our own family outing to the park on Christmas Day.  Notice all the snow!  Toronto has absolutely none, so this was fun to enjoy on the holiday.


Pups and Protest

This weekend we attended a rally to support our local dog park at South Stanley.  The city is beginning a much needed renovation to the park, which will include a fully enclosed off leash dog area Рno doubt a wonderful addition to the park.  There is a bit of debate taking place, however.  There are two factions that represent the park who want different things.  One is to keep a single, unified dog area.  The other proposes a separate enclosed area for smaller dogs.  Personally, I am in favour of a unified space.  As the proposed off leash area will already be much smaller than the current space, I think its important to keep the off leash area as large as possible.  Also РTim is basically a huge dog trapped in a small dog body.  How could we possibly choose which space to put him in?!

The rally had an excellent turn out Рand even included a couple of visits by city council candidates for Trinity-Spadina.  Second Cup supplied hot coffee, and photographers were on hand to document the day, including this cute pic of Tim in an epic battle with Bailey.


There is currently a petition going around to keep a single, unified off leash area at the park.  This petition will be presented to City Hall November 1st.  If you use the park and would like to sign the petition, please contact me through this site, or by registering on South Stanley Dog Park Site and contacting its administrator.

Timmy on the Loose!
July 7, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Based on our observations and Tim’s successful training thus far, we decided it was time to take him to an off leash park.¬† There is a small park near us that is completely enclosed, so we thought this would be a good start for all of us.¬† For the first time we went on a day when there were no other dogs to distract him, and took turns hiding and calling him over.¬† No problem.

It was time to run with the big boys.

We had no reason to be nervous.  Tim made new friends right away, and he ran, and ran, and ran.  This dog LOVES to run.

He teases other dogs into chasing him, he wrestles, he bites.  And did I mention he runs???

The best part is that he comes back to us when we call him.

Here is a pic of Tim with his Min Pin friend:

Tim and the Min

The other best part?  When we get home from the park, Timmy goes right into his crate and sleeps.  For HOURS.  Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.  And like Cesar Millan says: The keys to a well-behaved dog are Exercise, Discipline and Love.  In that order!