Bringing Home Puppy

The Graduate
July 28, 2010, 7:52 pm
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I am pleased to announce that last month Timmy graduated from Level II Obedience at Mother Knows Best!  Equipped with non-verbal commands, distance downs and more confidence, Tim is now ready to take on the world!   As my brother has become fond of saying: “God, is that dog in college yet?!”  Haha not exactly, but we have started a brand new Agility class!  Way to go Timmy!


Graduation Day!
September 15, 2009, 9:36 pm
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We are pleased to announce that Timmy has successfully passed level 1 at Mother Knows Best Obedience school!

He will be off to level 2 in another week.
Way to go Timmy!

The Graduate with his diploma

And then:

He's off!

And then:

*I am embarassed by the state of this carpet…its all the fault of one person …er…dog…


The result:  More attendance at class clearly necessary

Naughty Dog!

Class Review
August 17, 2009, 9:53 pm
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So we had our first class at Mother Knows Best last Tuesday.  It was AMAZING.  As you know, we had already taken little Timmy to a puppy training class at a different place.  I thought this would be a repeat of more of the same and we wouldn’t learn anything new.  I was SO wrong.  The owner, Dorothy, is a kooky lady who knows her stuff.  She said that from the FIRST class with her, your dog will be 75% to 90% better at walking on lead without pulling.  “Yeah right”, I thought.

We bought the Martingale collar that she recommended, and gave the class a try.  Most other classes start the dogs off with “sit” commands.  Not Dorothy.  We began with heeling, and true to her word, little Timmy has seen a vast improvement after only 1 class!  NO pulling while walking at all!
Its cheaper than many other classes in Toronto, is located right downtown, and is already giving great results.  This is serious business, and I cannot wait for the next class tomorrow!

A New Class
August 11, 2009, 2:11 pm
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We decided to sign Timmy up for a new obedience class at a new school.  We have heard great things about this school from other dog owners, and given that its located quite close to our house, we thought we would give them a try! 

 In his previous class, Timmy seemed to be quite far ahead of the pack.  We are hoping that this class is a bit more challenging for him, and maybe even a bit more fun!  We have heard that the teacher is tough on both dogs, and humans.  Training is also more praised-based, and less treat based.  Since Tim’s motivation in life is to eat, eat, eat, we shall see how it goes!

Updates tomorrow…