Bringing Home Puppy

Dogs Like Homeland Too!
November 18, 2012, 11:10 pm
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Turns out Timmy is as hooked on Homeland as we are!



Timmy gets a fountain to the face!
July 31, 2012, 11:38 am
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One of our favourite spots to take Tim during the summer is Canoe Park at Cityplace. There is a wide expanse of grass for running, and a section of great water fountains for the little dude to cool off. Sometimes, he gets just a little *too* close.

March 3, 2012, 2:56 pm
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I was recently asked to try out this super cool new dog product, the QR code dog tag by SOS Pets.  The company is huge in Sweden, but they are hoping to bring it to Canada.  Tim is one of the first dogs to try it!  The tag can be scanned by any code reader, and will immediately display the owner’s contact information.  It’s an interesting service, and the website is also a great community for dog owners to chat and share photos.  Kind of like Dogster.

Doesn’t he just look SO handsome!?

Happy Halloween!
October 30, 2011, 9:46 pm
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Happy Halloween! I carved this pumpkin as tribute to my favorite pooch!


Timmy’s First Video!
July 22, 2011, 4:51 pm
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…and my first time uploading to YouTube!


June 15, 2011, 6:10 pm
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Timmy went for his yearly checkup and vaccinations. It’s heartworm season, people! Get on it!


June 11, 2011, 11:14 pm
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Know who loves Italian night at Luminato? Our dog!!!