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More Pics from the Weekend

A big thanks to Lilly and Bailey for passing these photos on!


Third Class and the Tim Tam Tango
June 24, 2009, 9:18 pm
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Tonight a new term was invented, the Tim Tam Tango.  It consists of Timmy sitting on command, eating a treat, and then immediately following you wherever you are.  Its pretty cute.  And for the record, we didn’t invent the term!  Tim did well in class, but he was so excited it was difficult to get his attention.  What is most frustrating is that you KNOW he can do what he is supposed to….but he just WON’T!  Argh!

Tim also got in his first dog fight…with Gordon.  Gordon, in fairness, gave Tim ample warning that he was getting too close to his toy, and Tim chose not to listen.  The result: a pretty scary, noisy, snarly fight.  I had to pull Tim off  of Gordon, and in the process almost got bit.  It was good for Tim to learn what warnings mean, and I’m glad the first time was in a safe environment anyway.