Bringing Home Puppy

Fort Erie Gets a Dog Park!

I think its really great when I see cities and towns developing dog parks.  It not only encourages people to take their dogs outside for some fun, its also great exercise for the whole family, helps people get t0 know their neighbours and get involved in their communities.  Kudos to the Fort Erie town council for this great development!  The Sugarbowl Off Leash Park is a good size (about 1 acre) with varied terrain.  Not much in the way of trees or benches thus far, but I think this will change come spring.  There is a double-gated entrance with bags available for picking up.

Here are some pictures from our own family outing to the park on Christmas Day.  Notice all the snow!  Toronto has absolutely none, so this was fun to enjoy on the holiday.


The Weekend
June 22, 2009, 9:18 pm
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So Timmy, Sousa, Bry, Becks, Mikey and I made it to and from Fort Erie safely this weekend.  Timmy only had one accident at Grandpa Hurren’s, and really, it wasnt his fault.  He took one look at Thor and peed right at the front door.  That Thor is an intimidating guy!  Thor tolerated the dogs this weekend, but he makes it quite clear that he does NOT like them.  And if they’re having fun, he gets even madder.

Tim loves being in the country…the open spaces, long grass, bunnies hopping to and fro.  Its quite idyllic really.

All the fresh air and constant dog playing made Tim a very tired boy.  And cranky!  Every time you’d move if he was sleeping on or near you, he would squeal and cry, as if he were being tortured.  He caught up on his sleep today, in any case.

And now that we know all the little doggies  can get along together, we can look forward to the next family reunion!

Off On Another Adventure!
June 19, 2009, 10:45 am
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For Father’s Day this weekend the whole gang is going up to Fort Erie to see Mike’s dad.  Bryan, Becky, Mikey, Sousa, Tim Tam, and me!  It should be a lot of fun! All 6 of us in a Honda Civic for 2 hours will be an adventure on its own! 

This will also be the first time that Timmy will meet Thor, his “uncle”.  Thor is a Jack Russell Terrier,  so 3 terriers in one house should be a source of endless insanity.  I almost think I should buy a video camera for the event.  Hopefully they can all get along.  I suspect that Thor won’t be as tolerant of Timmy as Sousa has been, so we might see some serious action.  Ah well…Tim needs to learn somehow!