Bringing Home Puppy

Updates from the Trenches
June 9, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Apologies for the lack of recent content. Mikey had to write the CFA on Saturday, and so it was up to me to be a full time, single parent for the last week or so. It was tough! Who has time to blog when they’re constantly being attacked by a nipping little ninnymuggins!?
At any rate, things are going well. I am amazed everyday at the progress we’re making. Walks are actual walks, and not just us dragging the dog around. Poops are outside. He has even asked to be let outside to do his work. Its great! I’ve also taught him “sit”, “down”, and “bed”.
Tomorrow we start Jr. Kinderpuppy. (Groans from the audience…yes, I know its SO Toronto). But I really think it will be great to let him socialize with other puppies in a safe place, as well as help us all learn how to work with each other.
His reward for the night…cut up hotdogs! Yum yum! I tried them out on him tonight and it was a smashing success! I think this is going to be fun!
Updates to come…


The Long Weekend Adventure
May 15, 2009, 7:43 am
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So this weekend Tim Tam and I are heading to Chatham.  We’re leaving Mikey behind to study CFA and hitting the open road.  I’m picking up the rental car…loading it with crate, food, treats, toys, gates, my own crap…and of course, a dog.  I called ahead to make sure my parents were okay with a not-yet-housetrained dog coming for a visit…and of course, they were delighted.   “Besides”, my mom added, “I’d rather have him come before I get my new furniture”.  Well…fair enough!  

I’m curious how he’ll handle the car ride, and I’m even more curious to see how he will enjoy “country” life…no streetcars, homeless people, or any other manner of scary things.  I think its going to be fun!