Bringing Home Puppy

Our Family Vacation
September 7, 2010, 8:12 pm
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We are officially back!  We spent a lovely 3 days at my family compound of cottages near Kingston, Ontario.  Even though it rained daily, was freezing cold, and we experienced some bad fishing – it was still a great time.  My bro was home from Iqaluit, and its always nice to get the family together.   Tim just loves the outdoors, and there were plenty of chipmunks to chase.  The rocks of the Canadian Shield provided good terrain for entertainment and lots of exercise for the little guy.  It was clear when we got into the car to go home, he was depressed.

As I forgot to pack the camera (but remembered tanning oil, flip flops, bug spray and 2 bathing suits – none of which got used, ever),  I have no pics to share, other than what I could snap with my blackberry on the way back to the car in the boat.


Dogs at Work
July 18, 2010, 1:21 pm
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Tim’s not the only high profile dog around, his cousin Sousa is a mover and a shaker in the high tech industry…

“That’s right Tim, buy rimm stock at 50!”

Timmy and the Firths
August 24, 2009, 1:56 pm
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Mike and I went to visit our friends Laura and Scott and their family  in Peterborough this weekend.  I was a bit nervous about this trip because Tim has never really spent much time with kids before, and anytime he sees them on the street he goes nuts.  Laura and Scott have a son who is just over 1 year old, so I was prepared for a badly behaved doggie.  I had no need to be worried.  He barked a couple times when Luke came into the room, and then he was fine!  He was curious, and smelled him a lot, but he seemed to enjoy following him around.  Luke thowing balls for Tim was one of the cutest things ever!   I’m sorry I didn’t get any photos! 

Laura and Scott  also have a Sheltie, who is a super sweet dog, so I wasn’t nervous about that!  They have a fully enclosed yard, so Tim and Seamus could just run around to their hearts content.  I think Seamus will have a Tim Tam hangover from all the running around!

Here are some poor-quality pics I took with my blackberry:

The Boys Meet

Happy pups!