Bringing Home Puppy

Timmy and The Wart
June 23, 2010, 2:43 pm
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Around Easter, we noticed something.  Something big, something awful, something…gross.  What started as a little speck on Timmy’s hindquarters has, seemingly overnight, evolved into a big, massive, ugly… wart.

We waited a few days hoping it would shrink and disappear, but evidently, this wart had other plans.  To be safe (and also to put an end to the many remarks and stares on the street), we decided to have it checked out at the Annex Animal Hospital.  Apparently, these warts are fairly common, particularly in puppies and young dogs.  Cysts usually appear in the leg-area, as well as around the face.  The location of the wart and Timmy’s age really leaned toward that diagnosis, which would have been great as these types of warts usually disappear on their own.  The vet was a bit concerned however, because it had simply grown so fast.  This type of wart or cyst could have been something quite bad.  Removal would mean surgery!  Nooooooo!

To make sure we had the proper diagnosis, the vet took a number of samples of the cyst cells, and sent them off to a lab.

And the good news?  $400 later and we have negative test results!  Yay!


Paying it Forward

Many of you may recall the incident last summer where our dog walker lost our dear Timmy, and thanks to a wonderful human being, he was safely returned home.  (If you missed it, you can read about this wholly traumatic adventure here).  This weekend we had the opportunity to truly  “pay it forward”.  Friday evening we left our building to make a  stop at the park when we saw 2 men running towards us, chasing a frantically running dog up Bathurst St.  Without thinking, we joined the chase.  Within seconds, half a dozen people, including Rogers cable guys, door men, and pedestrians of all sorts joined the chase for this tiny toy dog.   The poor pup ran frantically around the block, heading towards King St until he was chased into a nightclub undergoing renovation.  I waited at the top of the stairs for the dog to try and make his escape.   Luckily, another woman was able to chase him out and I was able to grab him and hold  tight until he calmed down (not easy when the dog is biting, scratching and wiggling to escape!)

Here is a photo of the poor guy:  

Fortunately, he was wearing tags which stated he was a patient of Queen St. Animal Hospital.  Unfortunately, it was closed for the long weekend.

Fortunately, he was wearing tags from Toronto Animal Services.  Unfortunately, they were also closed for the night.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind having a little pup to hang out with for the night…but I’m sure my little Timmy wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect!

Figuring the dog was a neighbourhood resident, we decided to grab our spare leash and hang around outside – hoping the frantic owner would find us.  We canvassed the ‘hood, talked to fellow owners and residents – none of whom recognized the sand-coloured dog.  I posted a Tweet, complete with picture, and hoped for the best.

Just as it was beginning to get dark and we were facing the prospect of having a furry houseguest, a man ran across the park shouting at us – with joy, thankfully. (In my neighbourhood, you can never be sure!)  The man had been parked nearby when his little guy decided to head out for a solo adventure.   The dog was thrilled to see him.  All in all, it was a great reunion, and I felt so thankful to have had the opportunity to repay the kindness that was shown to us less than a year ago.  Another confirmation that karma really does exist!

Timmy Goes to the Emergency Room
September 12, 2009, 6:26 pm
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One of our favourite activities to do on the weekends is head to the dog park with coffee in hand for some serious exercise (for the dog…not for us!)  Lately on the weekends we’ve been going to Trinity-Bellwoods because it has a fun crowd, is usually quite busy, its large and has lots of trees for the humans to stand under.  At Trinity Timmy just runs and runs and runs.  Until today.

Timmy had just completed his business on a hill when he came over to me, limping.  He was trying to lick his paw and then he started to cry.  We took him to a quiet corner and tried to examine him.  He tried to bite us and yelped in pain.  It was so sad!  Almost instantly the paw began to swell up.  Saturday at 1:30.  Our choices: Go to the local vet hospital (across the street) before closing time, or wait and see if it improves and risk having to cab up to the after hours emerg later this weekend.  We opted for #1.  We popped into Queen W. Animal Hospital and asked if they could see us.  We aren’t patients there, but after our experience, we would definitely consider it.  They squeezed us in after the clinic closed at 2, and were so friendly and caring to our little pup.  He had to be muzzled while they checked for a break or puncture wound, just in case, and the whole time the paw swelled steadily.

In the end, it seems he was simply stung by a bee.  He got a shot of Benadryl, and instructions for his care over the next few days.  $130 later, we have a healthy, and dozy pup!  Looks like its going to be a quiet weekend for us!