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Top Dog Names for 2010!
January 31, 2011, 3:12 pm
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Well its that time of year again, the one where reveals the most popular names for their over 300,000 adoptable dogs around the USA.  You may recall mypast post on this topic of popular pet names.  You’ll also notice that not much has really changed for 2010.

2010’s Top 10 Most Popular Adoptable-Dog Names

  1. Buddy
  2. Max
  3. Daisy
  4. Bella
  5. Lucy
  6. Jack
  7. Molly
  8. Charlie
  9. Sadie
  10. Rocky

And for a little fun, the list of the top celebrity-inspired dog names (some of which are completely ridiculous!):

2010’s Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity-Inspired Pet Names

  1. Elvis
  2. Houdini
  3. Cher
  4. Madonna
  5. Twiggy
  6. Oprah
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Beyonce
  9. Coco Chanel
  10. Shakira

I think Elvis is a great name for a dog, I totally get it!  But some of the others I think is just a little creepy!


Flight Diverted due to Mad Manchester!
January 22, 2011, 11:45 pm
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How did I miss this December 7th article from the New York Post???

Really ruff flight


A dogfight in the skies over New Jersey forced a packed airliner to make an emergency landing yesterday.

A 12-pound Manchester terrier — apparently channeling Snoopy’s Red Baron — got loose on a US Airways flight and declared war on the passengers and crew, rampaging down the aisle, biting anybody in her way.

Mandy and her owner, an 89-year-old woman who said she was too embarrassed to be publicly identified, had boarded Flight 522 in Newark for a ride to Phoenix.

The pooch had been in a carrier under her owner’s seat. But when Mandy’s dog tranquilizers wore off, the elderly woman put the carrier on her lap and took her best friend out of it.

When Mandy refused to calm down, a man seated nearby tried petting her.

Then Mandy made her great escape.

First, she bit the man. Then she darted off, barking madly.

A heroic stewardess tried to put herself between Mandy and the passengers.

But she was no match for the hot-dogger and became a casualty herself.

The pilot made the emergency landing so Mandy’s two victims could get medical attention — treating all 122 passengers to a surprise visit to scenic Pittsburgh.

They cooled their heels for an hour before everyone — except Mandy and her owner — got back aboard.

The pair were put on a later flight.

US Airways pinned the blame on the woman.

“This passenger let their dog out of the carrier even though they’re not supposed to do that,” groused Valerie Wunder, an airline spokeswoman. “She was told not to.”

Mandy’s owner was questioned by Pittsburgh cops — who decided not to file charges.

Wunder said the airline had not decided what, if any, action would be taken against the woman, but doubted she’d be banned from future flights.

She had no comment on whether Mandy — whose ticket cost $100 — would be welcomed back.


Manchester Terrier Extinction! Oh dear!

Just stumbled upon this article by the Daily Mail out of the UK, which discusses how the rise of “celebrity” dogs, dogs popularized by television shows and films, and designer mix-breeds are pushing other breeds of less popular dogs to the brink of extinction, including my dear Manchester Terriers!  How sad!  They also include on this list are the Irish Water Spaniel, the Otterhound, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Skye Terrier and the Smooth Collie, to name a few.

How could anyone NOT want one of these Skye Terriers?!  So adorable!

He’s Baaaack!
January 17, 2011, 4:42 pm
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Who did I just catch peering across the balcony divide?  Little Bentley – our neighbour and Timmy’s playmate.  Luckily I had a planter blocking the way…it has happened more than once that he has gotten trapped on our balcony and security has had to come to the rescue.   In any case, he is completely adorable!

It’s Finally Here!
January 5, 2011, 3:17 pm
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Tim’s new coat from K9 Apparel arrived in the mail today, much to my delight!

Just look how cute and WARM he looks in it!  Even his paper thin ears are covered!  I can’t wait to debut it at the park tonight!

Also notice the  double side closure, so the  coat won’t slide around when we’re having a serious session of kickball.  It also has a reflective rear, and is long enough to cover his tail.  I think this coat is the solution to our winter misery!

A Tasty Start to 2011
January 1, 2011, 5:28 pm
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Muchos gracias to Auntie Ashley from TD, who gave little Timmy such a lovely gift to help ring in the new year: This lovely doggie bagel from My Pet Boutique.  Tim waited (somewhat) patiently while I got my camera out to snap a couple shots.

Waiting (and shaking):


Devouring (and licking!)