Bringing Home Puppy

Fort Erie Gets a Dog Park!

I think its really great when I see cities and towns developing dog parks.  It not only encourages people to take their dogs outside for some fun, its also great exercise for the whole family, helps people get t0 know their neighbours and get involved in their communities.  Kudos to the Fort Erie town council for this great development!  The Sugarbowl Off Leash Park is a good size (about 1 acre) with varied terrain.  Not much in the way of trees or benches thus far, but I think this will change come spring.  There is a double-gated entrance with bags available for picking up.

Here are some pictures from our own family outing to the park on Christmas Day.  Notice all the snow!  Toronto has absolutely none, so this was fun to enjoy on the holiday.


One of These Things is Not Like the Others…
December 23, 2010, 11:30 pm
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Can you spot the object that doesn’t belong??

Even Dogs Like iPhone!
December 22, 2010, 5:02 pm
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Its true!
Did you have any idea just how many apps there are for dogs and dog people?  Like, hundreds.  Seriously.  And lots of them are free even!

So yeah, you can use Elf ur Face to make your dog into an Elf, but you can also do a whole lot more!  Allow me to explain:

Travelling with your dog?  There’s an app for that!   Nestle Purina Petcare has an app that will help you find pet friendly hotels, campgrounds parks, walkers, groomers etc., anywhere in the US!  Fido Factor will help find pet friendly stores and hotspots in major US cities like San Francisco and Boston.

Need to find a dog park?  Try Eukanuba Off Leash, or Dog Park Finder.  And when you’re at the park, you can use one of 11 Dog Whistle apps to get your little buddy to come back to you!

Fear the worst?  Should something terrible happen to your pooch, there are many apps to help:  PetMD will direct you to the nearest vet, Pet Symptoms will help you pinpoint what might be wrong, and iPet Alert will notify your vet and area businesses if your pup goes missing.

Need training tips?  There are at least 7 apps for that, including a few that will train you to train your dog to perform tricks.  Even Cesar Millan has his own app!

For your dog walker, check out DogiDuty, which will send you reports on if your dog had a #1, #2, had a bite to eat, or played with their friends.

You can even translate your dogs barks into human language (allegedly), using DogTrans!

Don’t have a dog yet?  You can use multiple apps to do research on breeds, breeders, and find dogs in need of homes.  There are even games which quiz you on various dog breeds.  Once you’ve got your new pet, there’s an app to help you name it!

And you don’t even need a dog for the Dog Poo app, which, apparently “sounds like squishing real dog poo in your hand”.  All I know is this: whoever knows what the “real” sound of squishing dog poo in their hands is like, has got bigger problems than deciding which apps to buy.

iPhone Puppy
December 14, 2010, 10:38 pm
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So, I just got my first iPhone, and I am completely in love with all the fun Apps!  Particularly ones that allow me to take photos of my dog, and jazz them up!  Like this photo, courtesy of the fine people at Brooklyn Packet Co, developers of the free App: Elf Ur Face.

The No-Dog, Dog Park Xmas Party
December 12, 2010, 3:55 pm
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One of the great things about the dog park I attend regularly is how close-knit it is.  They have an annual Christmas party where we can all get together and have lots of food and a few wobbly pops without our dogs.  It’s actually really fun to see how people look normally, as opposed to bundled up, covered in mud, and having just rolled out of bed.  Good thing we all had nametags that also had our dogs names on them, otherwise we would have had no idea whom anyone was!   Local politician Olivia Chow also attended, and it was great fun getting to know her.

The board members of the park planned a great party, complete with pot luck food items, music, and raffle prizes!  The raffle raised money for our friend and dog park regular, Mario, who passed away last year.  We are hoping to raise enough money for a memorial picnic table to be added to the park in his name.  Mike and I were lucky enough to win a fabulous prize, consisting 3 Kong squeaky tennis balls, as well as a Christmas tree squeaky toy.   He. Loves. It.

And nope…that is NOT fake snow surrounding the dog and the toy, but the toy’s guts.  He has had it for about 1 week now, and it has thoroughly been…enjoyed.

Meeting A New Dog Etiquette
December 11, 2010, 12:27 am
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This poster is an excellent example of the right and wrong way to greet a dog for the first time.  I know this would be effective for little Timmy!

Thanks to for the illustration!

Brr, Baby It’s Cold Outside!
December 9, 2010, 12:27 pm
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Check out poor Neige, the miniature poodle, even with 3 layers, she’s still freezing!