Bringing Home Puppy

Mono Cliffs Adventures!

This past weekend we had the unusual advantage of having a car, and our first thought was: let’s get out of the city!
We trolled the internet to find a provincial park nearby and stumbled upon Mono Cliffs, only a short drive from Barrie!  (Of course, in Toronto, “short drive” is a relative term…the Gardiner was closed this weekend, so it was more of a 2 hour drive!)  We had a great time hiking the trails and enjoying the balmy early fall weather.  Timmy loves the outdoors, and we cheated a bit by letting him off-leash periodically.

Mono Cliffs is great.  Situated on the escarpment, they have lots to offer in terms of terrain.   Escarpment rocks, narrow trails, small ponds, wetlands, observatories, open fields, rare ferns and trees- whew!  A feast for our nature-starved senses!  And check out how cool this this crevice cave is:

Fall is pretty much my favourite season, and as glorious as this pic is…it will no doubt be even more spectacular in a week or two once the trees really start changing.  Mike has also decided this pic will be Timmy’s obituary photo.  How morbid!

Shortly after this photo was taken, we stumbled upon a pair of dogs that were apparently unattended.  One of them, a golden retriever, had clearly come face to face with a porcupine and lost- badly.  The poor guy was limping around with a face and chest full of quills.  His buddy, a black poodle mix, fared much better and seemed to be having a great time and enjoying his freedom!  Luckily, both dogs had tags and we were able to contact the owner.  Apparently they had escaped from a nearby house in Orangeville, and the owners were able to meet us at the park entrance.  It was a happy ending to a lovely day at one of Ontario’s fantastic nature parks!


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