Bringing Home Puppy

Moth vs. Puppy
September 13, 2010, 3:36 pm
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Manchester Terriers  were originally bred for ratting.  The most famous of these was “Tiny”, a Manchester who killed 100 rats in just over 5 minutes.  In Victorian times, it became fashionable to have small dogs, and gradually Manchesters were bred to be so small, that rather than killing rats, the only thing it was capable of killing was spiders. Henceforth, the little fellows were nicknamed “The Spider Terrier”.  Nowadays, the Toy Manchester ranges from 8-12 lbs, much larger than its Victorian counterpart that may have only reached a teeny 4 lbs!   I am grateful for Timmy’s capabilities as a little hunter.  This weekend we had a rather large moth appear in our apartment, and Timmy set out to immediately hunt it down…and eat it!

Success was achieved in under 10 minutes, with a little help from a dirty pair of socks, a screeching mom (me), and my trusty Spider (Moth) Terrier.


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