Bringing Home Puppy

Agility Rules!
September 24, 2010, 2:29 pm
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For the last 12 weeks we have been taking dog agility classes through Who’s Walking Who.  What the heck is dog agility you ask?!  It is basically the ultimate in canine sports…and quite a workout for me, I might add!   While each dog must come into agility classes with basic sit-stay knowledge, it is truly amazing watching the development of your dog in a 12 week period.  Timmy’s sit-stays have improved, as have his downs, heeling and overall confidence.   As many of you know, Timmy can be a little bit of a scaredy-dog, and has earned the nickname Skitters – for always skittering away when he’s nervous.   12 weeks ago it was difficult to picture him running through tunnels, through a blind shoot, and walking over a teeter totter, but today he is doing all of those things and more with a sense of excitement, confidence and eagerness I never imagined possible.

Last night we graduated from Level 2 Agility, and I couldn’t be happier.  Here is a few pictures from the night:

Completing the Teeter

Over the jump



Ok Go!
September 22, 2010, 11:35 am
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Have you seen this new music video by Ok Go?  Its Tim’s favourite!

Mono Cliffs Adventures!

This past weekend we had the unusual advantage of having a car, and our first thought was: let’s get out of the city!
We trolled the internet to find a provincial park nearby and stumbled upon Mono Cliffs, only a short drive from Barrie!  (Of course, in Toronto, “short drive” is a relative term…the Gardiner was closed this weekend, so it was more of a 2 hour drive!)  We had a great time hiking the trails and enjoying the balmy early fall weather.  Timmy loves the outdoors, and we cheated a bit by letting him off-leash periodically.

Mono Cliffs is great.  Situated on the escarpment, they have lots to offer in terms of terrain.   Escarpment rocks, narrow trails, small ponds, wetlands, observatories, open fields, rare ferns and trees- whew!  A feast for our nature-starved senses!  And check out how cool this this crevice cave is:

Fall is pretty much my favourite season, and as glorious as this pic is…it will no doubt be even more spectacular in a week or two once the trees really start changing.  Mike has also decided this pic will be Timmy’s obituary photo.  How morbid!

Shortly after this photo was taken, we stumbled upon a pair of dogs that were apparently unattended.  One of them, a golden retriever, had clearly come face to face with a porcupine and lost- badly.  The poor guy was limping around with a face and chest full of quills.  His buddy, a black poodle mix, fared much better and seemed to be having a great time and enjoying his freedom!  Luckily, both dogs had tags and we were able to contact the owner.  Apparently they had escaped from a nearby house in Orangeville, and the owners were able to meet us at the park entrance.  It was a happy ending to a lovely day at one of Ontario’s fantastic nature parks!

Moth vs. Puppy
September 13, 2010, 3:36 pm
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Manchester Terriers  were originally bred for ratting.  The most famous of these was “Tiny”, a Manchester who killed 100 rats in just over 5 minutes.  In Victorian times, it became fashionable to have small dogs, and gradually Manchesters were bred to be so small, that rather than killing rats, the only thing it was capable of killing was spiders. Henceforth, the little fellows were nicknamed “The Spider Terrier”.  Nowadays, the Toy Manchester ranges from 8-12 lbs, much larger than its Victorian counterpart that may have only reached a teeny 4 lbs!   I am grateful for Timmy’s capabilities as a little hunter.  This weekend we had a rather large moth appear in our apartment, and Timmy set out to immediately hunt it down…and eat it!

Success was achieved in under 10 minutes, with a little help from a dirty pair of socks, a screeching mom (me), and my trusty Spider (Moth) Terrier.

Our Family Vacation
September 7, 2010, 8:12 pm
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We are officially back!  We spent a lovely 3 days at my family compound of cottages near Kingston, Ontario.  Even though it rained daily, was freezing cold, and we experienced some bad fishing – it was still a great time.  My bro was home from Iqaluit, and its always nice to get the family together.   Tim just loves the outdoors, and there were plenty of chipmunks to chase.  The rocks of the Canadian Shield provided good terrain for entertainment and lots of exercise for the little guy.  It was clear when we got into the car to go home, he was depressed.

As I forgot to pack the camera (but remembered tanning oil, flip flops, bug spray and 2 bathing suits – none of which got used, ever),  I have no pics to share, other than what I could snap with my blackberry on the way back to the car in the boat.

Cottage Time!
September 3, 2010, 11:09 pm
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So excited!  We are off to the cottage this weekend.  Fingers crossed that we get at LEAST one nice day, without rain!  Its kinda special because my brother will be in town from Iqaluit!  Hooray!

To add to his lifejacket (which was a BIG hit last year) I bought Timmy a multicoloured LED light for his collar…cause you know its dark up there!  I’d hate for my little darling to go missing in the dark!

Pics and stories to follow!