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The Search is ON!
August 13, 2010, 1:44 pm
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How many times have you been walking in the dog park, or even around town, and you’ve stepped into a hot mess?  It’s happened to me more than once, and its pretty much the worst feeling ever.  Attempting to scrape your shoe clean with sticks and refuse, all the while seething with rage at the inconsiderate pet owner – its a bad scene!  I’m so passionate about picking up after your pet, I’ve even assembled leaves and other garbage to pick up some of Timmy’s more unexpected BMs.

But hey, we all know shit happens, right?   Well, it happened to me today.  I saw Timmy going, but the time I got over there with bag in hand, I simply couldn’t find it!  The grass has been growing furiously with the rain and sun we’ve had, and despite my best effort, that shit was camouflaged.  I spent a good 4 minutes looking for it, stepping gingerly around, and rooting through weeds.   This litle treasure hunt made me wonder – At what point do you give up looking for dog poop?  Will you look longer and harder if other people are around?  Therefore: A Poll!


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LOL! Great post. 🙂 I hate stepping in poop too, but I can only spend so much time playing hide-and-poop-seek with a BioBag before I give up — by that time, Sid and Ripley are already pulling on their leashes, eager to sniff the next tree. I often find myself picking up other dogs’ poops along with Ripley and Sid’s, so I hope that at the very least, I have some pickup karma saved for when I miss one belonging to my own pooches.

Comment by Avitania

Haha thanks! Yes, I’m hoping the poop karma does balance out…

Comment by puppyparents

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