Bringing Home Puppy

Weiner Take All!
August 30, 2010, 4:07 pm
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This past weekend saw the arrival of the Stanley Park Community Picnic, this year¬†benefiting¬†Eva’s Initiatives. ¬†The event was loaded with local politicians such as Olivia Chow (I took a couple of pics for her!), Mike Layton, and Joe Pantalone. ¬†Also on hand were some four-hoofed reps from the Toronto Mounted Police unit, posing for pics and checking out the activity. ¬†¬†The Foggy Dew sponsored free hotdogs and pop on hand for anyone walking by, and you could also listen to a live performance by Rachel Persaud. ¬† The North Side of the park featured facepainting, a yard sale, and various games for the kiddies. ¬†The South side had some dog aglity equipment sponsored by Pawsway. ¬†We did get to try out a few runs, but with this heat, I was not too motivated! ¬†My favourite part of the whole day however, was the amazing The Weiner Races!

Thats right people, weiner dogs of all kinds, racing. ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†I’ve told you before about Tim’s bud Cymbal. ¬†This is one¬†Dachshund¬†that is tip top condition, and I just knew it my gut, this was going to be his year to take the title: ¬†Wiener Take All.

You need to humans per dog when racing, one to hold ’em back, and one to get ’em running.

I was lucky enough to lend a hand at the starting line, while his mom tempted him to run quickly by

wrinkling a bag of chips.

Genius!  Here is an example from another heat (yes, there were MULTIPLE heats!)

The action got pretty intense, but the judges determined Cymbal won his heat in a close finish.

Onto the final, where Cymbal raced against his arch rival, the obscenely large Dachshund, Zorro.  When racing a guy named Zorro, you better have some serious game.  Cymbal was ready and fired up, fueled by the cheapest hotdogs a grocery store can sell.  He. Was. Ready.

Aaaaaand he lost.  But it was close!  Oh so close!!!!!

Here is a great video of the day – if you look closely you’ll see Cymbal, his mom, Mike, and Me!

And finally: an adorable pic of the victor with some of his spoils.


Street cred, er…crud
August 19, 2010, 1:15 pm
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You know you have a real “city” dog, when your dog can go to the bathroom right there in the middle of the sidewalk. ¬†Cause really, who needs grass anyway? ¬†Despite living nearly his entire life in Toronto, Tim has never, ever pooped on the sidewalk. ¬†Until yesterday.

What an achievement! ¬†I have to admit I’m quite thrilled actually, cause sometimes when you’re out, its tough to find a suitable patch of grass. ¬†And it can get quite annoying as we search up and down for just the right “spot”, only having a small boulevard to choose from. ¬†So its just another small success in our little puppy lives.

The Search is ON!
August 13, 2010, 1:44 pm
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How many times have you been walking in the dog park, or even around town, and you’ve stepped into a hot mess? ¬†It’s happened to me more than once, and its pretty much the worst feeling ever. ¬†Attempting to scrape your shoe clean with sticks and refuse, all the while seething with rage at the inconsiderate pet owner – its a bad scene! ¬†I’m so passionate about picking up after your pet, I’ve even assembled leaves and other garbage to pick up some of Timmy’s more unexpected BMs.

But hey, we all know shit happens, right? ¬† Well, it happened to me today. ¬†I saw Timmy going, but the time I got over there with bag in hand, I simply couldn’t find it! ¬†The grass has been growing furiously with the rain and sun we’ve had, and despite my best effort, that shit was¬†camouflaged. ¬†I spent a good 4 minutes looking for it, stepping gingerly around, and rooting through weeds. ¬† This litle treasure hunt made me wonder – At what point do you give up looking for dog poop? ¬†Will you look longer and harder if other people are around? ¬†Therefore: A Poll!

Two by Two
August 10, 2010, 11:24 am
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Cymbal’s mom is spending the day at the¬†Rogers Cup, so you know what that means: Party Time Puppies are back again!!!

This time, rather than struggling with a leash in each hand, I got smart, and used a dual leash thingy.  Boy, these two get a lot of attention!!!

Metric is like, so boring!
August 5, 2010, 2:11 pm
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…not really! ¬†The Metric show at Union Station in Toronto yesterday was pretty great actually, lots of good tunes, and a big crowd. ¬†You wouldn’t know it to see Cymbal though..the poor guy slept through 1/2 of it! ¬†Not even the noise or the thousands of people could keep this guy awake!

Brothers From Another Mother
August 4, 2010, 4:16 pm
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I know I’ve told you about Tim’s friend Cymbal before, but just recently I had the opportunity to look after both of these crazies, at the same time. ¬†Insanity you ask? ¬†Most certainly. ¬†These two get lots of attention when they are out together, mostly because they look very much like each other, just different body types. ¬†Of course, they are not at ALL related, Tim being a Toy Manchester Terrier, and Cymbal being a¬†Dachshund.

Timmy and Cymbal spend approximately 6 HOURS running around my tiny apartment.  These are the only photos I could get.   Tim slept for 12 full hours after Cymbal left!