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Timmy and The Wart
June 23, 2010, 2:43 pm
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Around Easter, we noticed something.  Something big, something awful, something…gross.  What started as a little speck on Timmy’s hindquarters has, seemingly overnight, evolved into a big, massive, ugly… wart.

We waited a few days hoping it would shrink and disappear, but evidently, this wart had other plans.  To be safe (and also to put an end to the many remarks and stares on the street), we decided to have it checked out at the Annex Animal Hospital.  Apparently, these warts are fairly common, particularly in puppies and young dogs.  Cysts usually appear in the leg-area, as well as around the face.  The location of the wart and Timmy’s age really leaned toward that diagnosis, which would have been great as these types of warts usually disappear on their own.  The vet was a bit concerned however, because it had simply grown so fast.  This type of wart or cyst could have been something quite bad.  Removal would mean surgery!  Nooooooo!

To make sure we had the proper diagnosis, the vet took a number of samples of the cyst cells, and sent them off to a lab.

And the good news?  $400 later and we have negative test results!  Yay!


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Oh my gosh.. Did the vet say what kind of wart and how Tim Tam came down with it?

Comment by Laura

Apparently it is some kind of virus that is common in young dogs, and they appear particularly on the legs. The tests were negative for anything that spreads, so yay! No surgery, and it went away all by itself!

Comment by puppyparents

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