Bringing Home Puppy

A Manchester Friend
April 29, 2010, 11:21 pm
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Timmy had another fun meeting with a Standard Manchester named Boy today.

Boy is so cute, and it was funny to see them run and play together. ¬†Certain breeds really do seem to have their “style” which makes them compatible with others. ¬†They did a lot of running and playing, and they even teamed up against some other dogs. ¬†Hilarity!

An Update
April 21, 2010, 10:41 pm
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Okay, so this time, I’ve got a really good excuse for not writing!

See, we are currently in the process of moving house…we bought pre-construction almost 3 years ago at 550 Wellington West, and the time has finally come to move! ¬†Its great to see this finally come to fruition. ¬†That being said, there are still lots of little problems with our unit (missing shower head, missing microwave, flooring ruined….) , but I just know its going to be really nice once we’re all in there and settled. ¬† I think if this picture is any indication, Timmy is going to love this place! ¬†Its pretty much bathed in sunlight from 12-8pm these days. ¬†Perfect for a sun-loving dog!

He also loves the view…there is just so much action to see along the Gardiner and up Bathurst! ¬†Pretty exciting!