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It’s All About the Food!
January 20, 2010, 10:21 pm
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First, allow me to apologize for my complete lack of updates.  Truth is, I’m pretty busy, but also…there’s just not much going on!

One big development is that Timmy has moved from puppy food, to big boy food!  He has been raised on Wellness brand food, which is grain-free and packed with tasty protein.  (As many of you may know, dogs are not meant to eat grains and such things.  By nature, they eat meat, root veggies, and fruits.)  He had been going through a phase of not eating much, and we also noticed his fur getting a bit sparse.  Solution:  try some new chow!

I went to my local pet store, the new Petview on Queen W., and bought a few sample bags.  Among them, Orijen, and Acana, both high protein and made in Canada!

One bite, and Timmy was hooked!  He actually started following me into the kitchen and crying, sitting, and laying down (all his usual tricks), to get me to give him the food faster.  Its pretty cute. And, its the first time he ate all his food in a single sitting!


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Good news about Timmy! When we first got Suzy, she would not east. We ended up grating cheese and putting gravy, and warm water in her kibble. Boy, did she eat then!!!!

Comment by kilbournegrove

Mmm that sounds good enough for ME to eat!!!

Comment by puppyparents

Thank you for your kind words. So glad your Timmy is eating again!

Comment by Amanda

Thanks Amanda! Yes, your work is completely gorgeous…I need you for inspiration, so keep that blog going!

Comment by puppyparents

We’re switching our puppy to Acana, too! He really liked his sample bag so it’s about time we do it!

Comment by Words and Steel

Yeah, it seems to be his new favourite thing these days! Good luck to you and your pup!

Comment by puppyparents

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