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Brr it’s cold out there!
September 30, 2009, 10:23 am
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When we first applied to get Timmy, our breeder said that due to his super short coat, we would end up spending more money on clothes for him than we would for ourselves.  I didn’t realize how true that would become!  We have resisted dressing him up thus far.  Well, the lifejacket doesnt count…really.

But now that fall is seriously upon us, poor little Timmy just shakes and shivers when we are out on our walks.  We are going to have to get him a sweater and likely a jacket too!  I popped into our local place, Timmy Doggie Outfitters, and they had some seriously cute stuff.  And it was outrageous!  $85 for a DOG JACKET?!  Are you serious?!  In talking with my new friends at the dog park, I have learned there is a great dog store at Vaughan Mills that sells the same clothes as Timmie’s, but much, much cheaper.  So maybe we’ll try that.  Or I’ll take a risk and check out whats available online.

Any tips would be helpful!  (PS – I can’t knit or sew, so don’t suggest I make anything myself!  Lol)


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coming out of lurking status to suggest some online places! like you, we have a new puppy and he gets cold, fast! I’m dying to get a sweater from Beantown Handmade (they have an etsy shop and their great blog is here), and I got good recommendations for polar fleece jackets at Bark and Stuff. If you find any other good places, I’d love your suggestions too!

-T and Orby

Comment by T

eeps- here’s another suggestion. just ordered a couple of sweaters for Orby at this store that’s going out of business- 70% off sale! A Bone to Pick. Free shipping too.

Comment by T

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