Bringing Home Puppy

The Great Escape
August 20, 2009, 9:23 pm
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Well, we had our first family crisis today.

I was at work when Mary from our vet’s office called, saying that that someone had “found your dog”.

I’m sorry…what?? ¬† I didn’t even know he was missing!!! My stomach just dropped. ¬† Apparently, Tim had escaped from his dog walker sometime around noon. ¬†We are still unsure how this happened, but rest assured…we are in the process of finding out. ¬†Anyway,¬†Mary gave me the number of Allan, Tim’s rescurer, to call and pick up Timmy. ¬†Mary also reassured me that he was in perfect health. ¬†Allan had called the number of the vet on Tim’s dog tag, and they promptly tracked us down. ¬†Thank god for that.

I called Allan immediately and found out that he had spent almost an hour trying to catch Tim on Lakeshore Blvd.  For those of you that know Toronto, you will know that Lakeshore is an incredibly busy thoroughfare for the whole city, especially during lunch hour on a weekday.  Allan saw Tim running back and forth between 4 lanes of traffic at the intersection of Lakeshore W and Bathurst, finally following him in his car to an abandoned factory.  At this point, Tim slips through the bottom of a fence and is lost again.  This man climed a 9 ft fence, and patiently waited for the dog to approach him.  That alone took almost 30 mins.  Eventually he and his girlfriend caught Tim and took him to their house.

Mike and I immediately left work and went to pick him up. ¬†We arrived to find a perfectly healthy and happy Tim wrestling with Allan’s dog in the living room. Tim ran up to me as if to say “Hey ma! ¬†Whats up? Welcome to the party! ¬†I’ve just had a super fun adventure!”.

Needless to say, we are GRATEFUL.  There are still really good people in this world, who go out of the way for others.  Without Allan today, this escape could have had a very different ending.  We might have had a sleepless night, wondering if our little guy was dead, alive, injured, etc. etc. etc.

All we can really say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…


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I still can’t believe this happened. You are so lucky that Allan and his girlfriend pursued the little whipper-snapper. Have you found out how he got loose?

Comment by Auntie Becky

[…] was safely returned home. ¬†(If you missed it, you can read about this wholly traumatic adventure here). ¬†This weekend we had the opportunity to truly ¬†”pay it forward”. ¬†Friday evening […]

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