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Is Timmy the Park Bully?
July 14, 2009, 2:34 pm
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So, I’m a little offended.  We were at the dog park yesterday when Timmy tried to make a new friend.  Now, I am aware that his play is a little rough, and I also know he likes to bite ears.  So far though, no dog has seemed particularly bothered by his activities, in fact, most dogs seem to enjoy the wrestling.  But yesterday Timmy ran over to a little Yorkie and began to jump around.  The dog’s mom apparently felt the need to “rescue” her dog from little Timmy.  I called Tim over and we played on the other side of the park to give the Yorkie a break.

Soon after, he ran back over to the Yorkie to play.  This time, the girl grabbed her dog and “calmed” him down, telling him it was going to be okay.

So, I was offended.  MY dog was not being bad, or hurting the Yorkie.  The Yorkie made no effort to get away, jump onto his mom, or even bark.  So my question is this: if you don’t want your dogs to interact with other dogs and play, why are you bringing him to the dog park?  And, if another dog is playing too rough with yours, do you say something to the owner?  If so, what, exactly?  If I am any indication, I think dog owners are a bit sensitive about their pets…a theme I’m going to have to explore further, apparently!


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yeah, you’ll learn tons more when you have a little baby and meet other Mommy’s at baby drop-ins, YMCA’s, etc. Timmy did nothing wrong, he was just being social. You are the best dog Mama!

Comment by Diane Lauzon

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