Bringing Home Puppy

Tim Tam’s Favourite Things, Part Deux
July 9, 2009, 11:19 am
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Timmy’s likes and dislikes seem to keep changing the older he gets.  Here is an updated list of his likes:

  • laying down in the sunshine
  • empty water bottles
  • digging
  • his crate
  • the springs that prevent your door from hitting the wall
  • hotdogs
  • ruining the bathmat
  • dirty socks
  • shoes of any kind
  • licking our legs and feet when we get out of the shower
  • elastic bands
  • eating poop (his own…mostly)
  • his cousin Sousa
  • pig ears and meat sticks
  • running in the park
  • puppy class
  • bones
  • riding the streetcar and licking the window

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You forgot to include his most favorite thing of all…..his human mommy!!

Comment by Doggy Daddy

Well is sounds like he as a wide variety of interests lol That is very good for a growing TMT. Oh and way to go about taking him to the dog park. 🙂 I bet he loved it.

Comment by Laura Fleming

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