Bringing Home Puppy

Oh.My. God
June 15, 2009, 9:09 pm
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While Grandma Hurren was in Toronto visiting us this weekend, she kindly brought a little gift for her new grandpuppy.

It was a set of doggie “door” bells.  You see, part of the challenge of training a dog to use the bathroom outside is having them let you know when they have to go.  These bells are hung on, or near the door, and all the dog has to do to be let outside is ring them by nudging them with their paw or nose.  I had done a trial run with Tim only about 3 times this weekend.

So tonight, Mike and I were sitting having dinner when Tim gets off his bed, walks over to the bells, rings them, and then proceeds outside the already open door to take a poop on his mat!

It was MIRACULOUS!  I nearly cried, honestly.  It was so amazing, we could not believe our eyes.

I really think we may have the smartest dog in the whole world!!!

And a big thank you to Grandma Hurren for such a great tool!


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He is fabulously smart! Sounds like a really fantastic tool, I will look forward to seeing Tim Tam ring the bell!

Comment by Kate

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