Bringing Home Puppy

Jr. Kinderpuppy and the Smartest Dog in the World

Tonight was our first training class.  Surprisingly, Timmy was NOT the smallest guy in the room.  We were with a Yorkie mix, a Husky, a Border Collie, and a Russian Black Terrier.  Part of the puppy training was to learn socialization and play with other dogs.  We thought Tim would be excited about this, as on our walks he seems very eager to play.  As it turns out, the larger dogs absolutely terrified him.  Lots of tail tucking, lots of teeth, and lots of hiding behind mom and dad.

A Terrifying Encounter As it turns out, in terms of training, Timmy is ahead of the game!  The trainer, Julie, was impressed with his attentiveness, and great personality.  We were also one of the only people to be crate-training…and providing enough exercise.  Overall, we seem to be right on track!

Tim and Lilly


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It’s a big bad world out there. When my humans were socializing me, I was frightened the 1st time but loved it by the end. Learned a lot too.

Comment by sandysays1

I think Julie thinks you’re a good mom!

Comment by rebeccayoung

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