Bringing Home Puppy

A Poll
June 24, 2009, 10:44 pm
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This one is for all the urban dog owners out there…my family and I have been having a debate about the proper attire for late night/early morning bathroom trips.  In my view, as long as all my bits are covered, I dont mind walking out in my jammies.  Yes, I do live on one of the busiest streets in the largest city in Canada, but I’m SO over having to dress “up” to go out, especially at 6 am.  My brother in law however, will not be caught dead in jogging pants, and so no matter the time of day or night, he puts on jeans.



Third Class and the Tim Tam Tango
June 24, 2009, 9:18 pm
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Tonight a new term was invented, the Tim Tam Tango.  It consists of Timmy sitting on command, eating a treat, and then immediately following you wherever you are.  Its pretty cute.  And for the record, we didn’t invent the term!  Tim did well in class, but he was so excited it was difficult to get his attention.  What is most frustrating is that you KNOW he can do what he is supposed to….but he just WON’T!  Argh!

Tim also got in his first dog fight…with Gordon.  Gordon, in fairness, gave Tim ample warning that he was getting too close to his toy, and Tim chose not to listen.  The result: a pretty scary, noisy, snarly fight.  I had to pull Tim off  of Gordon, and in the process almost got bit.  It was good for Tim to learn what warnings mean, and I’m glad the first time was in a safe environment anyway.

The Weekend
June 22, 2009, 9:18 pm
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So Timmy, Sousa, Bry, Becks, Mikey and I made it to and from Fort Erie safely this weekend.  Timmy only had one accident at Grandpa Hurren’s, and really, it wasnt his fault.  He took one look at Thor and peed right at the front door.  That Thor is an intimidating guy!  Thor tolerated the dogs this weekend, but he makes it quite clear that he does NOT like them.  And if they’re having fun, he gets even madder.

Tim loves being in the country…the open spaces, long grass, bunnies hopping to and fro.  Its quite idyllic really.

All the fresh air and constant dog playing made Tim a very tired boy.  And cranky!  Every time you’d move if he was sleeping on or near you, he would squeal and cry, as if he were being tortured.  He caught up on his sleep today, in any case.

And now that we know all the little doggies  can get along together, we can look forward to the next family reunion!

Creeps are Everywhere!
June 19, 2009, 2:07 pm
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I like to check on my blog stats pretty regularly, in addition to the number of visitors to the site I also get the search terms people have used to find my site.  Often, they are about Mary Hart (thanks to a Twit I had awhile back), but this morning someone searched for “Disturbing Pics of Puppies”

How creepy is that?!?

Off On Another Adventure!
June 19, 2009, 10:45 am
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For Father’s Day this weekend the whole gang is going up to Fort Erie to see Mike’s dad.  Bryan, Becky, Mikey, Sousa, Tim Tam, and me!  It should be a lot of fun! All 6 of us in a Honda Civic for 2 hours will be an adventure on its own! 

This will also be the first time that Timmy will meet Thor, his “uncle”.  Thor is a Jack Russell Terrier,  so 3 terriers in one house should be a source of endless insanity.  I almost think I should buy a video camera for the event.  Hopefully they can all get along.  I suspect that Thor won’t be as tolerant of Timmy as Sousa has been, so we might see some serious action.  Ah well…Tim needs to learn somehow!

And Then, This Morning…
June 18, 2009, 11:20 am
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*stay calm*

I knew when I got up this morning that Tim had to pee.  I quickly got some pants on grabbed my coat and we headed for the door.  We didn’t make it.  We WAY didn’t make it.  Tim started to pee on the carpet in the hall, which has happened before, but in the past  I’ve just pull him along and he stops until he gets outside to his spot.

In an effort to expedite the process I lifted him up and carried him down the stairs.  He peed on me the ENTIRE way.  And all over the floor. 

Cleaning the  hallway and 2 flights of stairs  in your building at 6:30 in your urine-stained jammies is not the best way to start your day.

The Second Class
June 18, 2009, 10:31 am
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So we had our second puppy class last night.  This time the focus was on name recognition, getting their attention when they’re playing, and socialization.  It was quite fun.  Tim was his usual hotdog-motivated self, and paid constant attention to Mike and I.  He sailed through the skateboard and umbrella-opening scenarios, and even ignored a noisy cart (which he never does on the street).  So it was great!  He and Lilly the yorkie-mix also had a great time biting each others faces and pulling ears. 

On the way home Tim even rode the subway for the first time!  I thought for sure the squealing sound of the train would frighten him, but he was totally cool!  Altogether it was a great night!