Bringing Home Puppy

Lift, and Drag
May 25, 2009, 9:40 pm
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So the latest issue we’ve been having with Timmy is his refusal to walk.  Generally, this only lasts at the outset of the walk, but it is pretty severe until we are out of sight of home.  The puppy books all call this “Mule Behaviour”, where the dog will just stop and refuse to walk.  Timmy will lurch backward, or just sit down completely.  It is totally frustrating.  The number one thing to remember, is that you never, NEVER pick the dog up.  This is giving them a free ride.  Our book tells us that no matter what, the PARADE MUST CONTINUE.  This means literally dragging the poor guy along.  I feel like a terrible pet owner doing this, even though I’m sure all the other dog owners out there know what Im talking about!

Mike is personally offended by his refusal to walk.  It is a domination test…and we refuse to lose!  So Mike has come up with the Lift and Drag system.  In his harness, we lift him just off the ground, and he almost always starts walking.  (Except when we’re in the middle of an intersection, or there are witnesses around…of course!)

So, its a battle, but we’re determined to win!


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