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So…You Know that Bag Dispenser?
May 21, 2009, 4:47 pm
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So, Mikey and I are watching TV last night and he turns to me and says, “Um, I think I did a bad thing”.

“What do you mean”, I responded, thinking the worst.

“Well, you know that dog poop bag dispenser at 60 Lofts?” 

“Yes”, I reply.

“Well, you know how you pull the bags out of the bottom of the dispenser right?  Well, what do you think the open part at the top is for?” he asks.

“Putting in new bags”, I responded.


“You put Tim Tam’s poop in there, didn’t you?”

“I think so.” He responded.

So…if there are any dog-owning residents of 60 Lofts in Toronto, we warn you of potentially poopy occurrences, and sincerely apologize.  It won’t happen again!


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HA!! I laughed for 5 minutes straight! My boyfriend had to come over and see what was so funny. The only funny poop story I have with my pup Tonks is when she had terrible diarrhea and we woke to the sound of gushing water that was in fact poo. She had backed up to the window and curtains to do this. I guess it’s not so much funny as gross. Heh.

Comment by Clara

Thanks so much for your comment Clara!
WOW that is a horrible story!! All over your curtains and window treatments?!?! That must have taken FOREVER TO CLEAN!!!!!

Tim had another embarrassing poop incident today….I shall blog about it immediately!

PS- Is Tonks named after that great character in Harry Potter?!

Comment by puppyparents

she is indeed! most people don’t get the reference which surprises me.

i’m not sure what a window treatment is so i’m pretty sure i don’t have any…but if it’s a curtain than yes, it took forever! plus we throw our clothes in and around the hamper until we do laundry so there was a nice pile of clothes in it as well. we couldn’t be mad though, she was embarrassed and hid under the bed after….Tonks has a gift for looking adorable and pathetic.

I look forward to hearing about Tim’s further poop adventures (and other stuff I’m sure). Tell Mike I said hi, we went to high school together, which is how I found your blog. I saw Tim on facebook and then he (mike not Tim, although it looks like he’s familiar with computers (Tonks just tries to eat my mouse) told me about your blog.

Being a crazy dog lady I had to check it out. Love it!

Comment by Clara

Tonks is for sure one of the most underrated Harry Potter characters.

I find your blog illustrations completely awesome. A true artiste!!!!
Im totally linking to your blog!
Will tell Mikey you said hello! We should totally do a dog park meetup some weekend!

Comment by puppyparents

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