Bringing Home Puppy

A Weekend in the Country
May 18, 2009, 9:23 pm
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I am pleased to announce that we had a very successful weekend!  I rented a car Saturday morning and made the 3 hour drive home to Chatham.  Tim rode in his crate in the backseat.  He only cried for a few minutes, and then slept the rest of the way!  Despite nearly being killed by an inattentive driver, we made it  home safely by 3.  I had plans to meet with up my girlfriends for Thai food and drinks (YES…there is a new and super awesome Thai restaurant in Chatham, Ontario!  Who knew?!)  which meant that grandma and grandpa were babysitting!!   By all accounts they had a great time…lots of playing, a bit of walking, and NO accidents!  When I got home around 11, all 3 of them were snoozing together on the couch!

Tim seems to really like country life…we got him an extendable leash, and he loved running around chasing leaves, maple keys, and birds.  He had lots of fun places to check out, and lots of plants to eat.  He was so tired out he slept from 10-7!  It was awesome!!!!

Tim received a little gift from grandma…a bandanna that says “Got Treats”.  He loves it.  And by loves it I mean loves ripping it off his head and whipping it around until it begs for mercy.   She also gave him a snuggly Kong, which he really loves and now brings with him everywhere!

Tim also had the chance to meet some of my best friends….Laura and Luke (who he growled at the whole time), and Kate and Rich, whom he LOVED.  (Rich believes Tim Tam’s love is due to his naturally hairy arms…it reminded Tim of his mommy!)  Tim also met my grandma, who lives in a senior’s residence, and she thought he was just the sweetest thing!  She would prefer a great grandchild, but a dog will do.   For now.

Anyway, Tim Tam was really brave and very well behaved all weekend, especially considering he had a long car ride, met lots of new people, and was in very strange places!  I think we will be invited back!


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