Bringing Home Puppy

Timmy’s Big Day
May 5, 2009, 2:29 pm
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Well, it was Tim Tam’s first day with his dog walker. We opted to sign up for 2 puppy vists per day, where they play with him solo, take him for a pee, etc. By all accounts the visit went well, and its good for Tim Tam to meet new people, as well as have someone looking after him while we’re at work.  “John” said that Tim was very affectionate, and managed to only pee a little bit on the floor.  Ah well. 
After work, we were due at the vet’s for his first checkup since we’ve had him. We are now patients at the Annex Animal Hospital, which only meant one thing: Taking the streetcar.  Tim handled it well! He was very curious…no growling or barking…just staring in blind, frozen, fear. 

The vet was impressed with his overall health, and the sweet personality of our little guy.  And then she had the gall to say he had “teeny, tiny testicles”.  Barely there!  OUCH!  I’m sure that wasn’t too good for his masculinity!

Overall, a very exciting and challenging day for our brave little guy!


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