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Stay At Home Daddy
April 30, 2009, 7:39 pm
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It was nice to get back to work today…I was ready for a break from being a house mom.  I don’t know how “real” stay at home mom’s do it!  Its freaking exahusting!  As Mike said, “How is it fair that when I have to work, he cries all night, and when YOU have to work he’s totally cool!?”  Meh.  Beginners luck maybe…we’ll see how tonight goes!

It was funny to be at work though and realize you miss your little guy already!  

Mike is off for the rest of the week to do his own bonding with Timmy, and today went rather well.  Unfortunately this teeny little dog is cold at the best of times, and in the rain he is completely miserable – which means getting him to do his business outdoors is pretty damn hard!

So, instead he’ll just pee and poo in the house!  Simple solution, no?

Anyway, it was so great to come home to not one, but TWO sweet and smiley boys at the end of the day!


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Sousa-Mae couldn’t do her business in this rain either. She is opting to just “hold it in”

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