Bringing Home Puppy

I. Am. Exhausted.
April 29, 2009, 4:06 pm
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So, the gong theory did NOT work last night.  At ALL.

I guess we just got lucky on Monday.  I know you’re not supposed to comfort the dog (ignore bad behaviour), until he stops crying….but what if he never does?!

Everyone says this time will pass, and god, I hope that’s soon!

The only thing keeping me going is his sweet and cuddly nature (during the day).

He’s getting good at peeing in his spot…we’re still working on #2.

Any advice, my dear readers, would be appreciated!


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I hit the gong so hard last night the bones in my hand hurt! :~(

Comment by Puppy Daddy

Cookies! when he poops in the right spot give him cookies. He is a Hurren boy after all.

Comment by rebeccayoung

You need to put a ticking clock inside a teddy bear to replicate the mothers heartbeat. A hot water bottle helps too.

Comment by Mother of Fluffball II and Bruiser I

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