Bringing Home Puppy

A Major Decision
April 18, 2009, 4:21 pm
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Okay, so we finally decided on a name.  And, at the risk of you all hating us, it is not the name that won the poll.  In fact, it didn’t  appear in the poll at all.

It came to me by way of a divine revelation, disguised as a sugar craving.  It was 3 pm yesterday at work, when I was pondering what chocolatey treat I would most like to have.  The answer?  Tim Tams.  The tasitest, yummiest, chocolately cookie-bar treat made by our Australian friends.  Mikey and I became addicted to them while in Singapore, and in our travels had heard of multiple ways to eat them (the Tim Tam Slam – biting off both ends and using it as a straw!  HELLO!)

The likeness between the Tim Tam and a Manchester Terrier is quite striking…like a Tim Tam, the dog will be small (even bite-sized perhaps), he will be 2 shades of brown (or black and tan…semantics!)  and he will be so SWEET!  I’m just sure of it!

So…Tim Tam it is! 

And just imagine all the nicknames! Tim, Tiny Tim, Mr. T, Tsquared, TT, Tam, Tam Tam, and the list goes on!

The inspiration:



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